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Single Back HB Smash

Madden 2000

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Singleback HB smash/ a quick look

At first I was going to go into practice and try this play against every formation, every set, and give a thorough rundown on how to run this play effectively. I'm not going to though. For the simple fact that this is a classic power running play, and there just isn't ENOUGH momentum as a factor in the blocking game, and there aren't collisions at the point of attack, which would theoretically allow this play to be a more consistent gainer. It's also designed wrong, it should be a delayed handoff, so that the RB is receiving the ball BEHIND the pulling guard. Instead, you have to take the ball, everybody knows where it is and where it's going, but you still have to wait for that guy to get there. That said, this play can be effective if used very sparingly. Maybe once a game or something. The best way to not lose yardage is to bust the run right up inside the guard, diagonally, as soon as he goes by. You probably won't get a big gain but you won't lose any yards. IF you get the right block, or the right defense, you'll squirt through for a few. The way to run this play for good yardage is to flip it. The reason is that you'll often get a nickle package lined up against this play and you want to run it right at the nickle corner. IF you can get the guard out on him he'll fall like a leaf.

PRE SNAP: note if they're playing zone or man, if possible. Against man defense it's particularly important to wait for the block to come around the corner, because the TE won't get out on the CB. If the DE is playing over the TE, watch out, he could bust around the end and make this a hard time, but he could also get himself in trouble and give you the inside. Be ready to cut it up inside the guard again and get whatever you can. If he's lined up over the tackle that's good, and if he's lined up UNDER that's even better. Unless he overpowers his man he shouldn't be a problem in either of those possibilities.

AT THE SNAP: Immediately push to the left (or forward, or back) just slightly and slow down almost to a halt momentarily. If everything's going right, you'll be safe behind a nice wall of blockers, as the guard comes around the corner. Get in his back pocket, but not quite too close, so the defense can't grab you "through" him. (I know you've all seen this happen) First he'll try and double team the end, (unless the end is underneath) and then he'll move out and grab whoever is in the flat. Take your time, negotiate the blocks. If anything goes wrong, just bust the play straight up for whatever you can get, you probably won't have the momentum to get fancy. If everything goes right, which is rare, it might start to look like a real-life pull sweep, with a few defenders falling and the running back rumbling for 10 or more yards! Good luck with this, unfortunately flawed, play.

(If anyone really relies on this play a lot and does it successfully, please reprimand me, and clue me in! I want to hear about it!)