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BB's Guide To Running

Madden 2000

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Well, I tend to run different than most of the people on this board. This is a different way of running than what you may expect.


I like to get a fast HB, over 90 speed, who is good at getting outside. I can run with a big back who can break tackles, but with him it is difficult to turn the corner, so I prefer the smaller, quicker HB. When I look for a FB, I look for either: a big dominating blocker who will open up holes or a small fast FB who can be an alternative as a runner, who can keep the defence hones. When it comes to offensive line, I like to get big guys who seem to open up holes better than the smaller, higher rated ones(as long as they are close in ratings-like within 5, otherwise I would go with the higher rated one).


I find that in order to run effectively up the middle, it is necessary for me at least to run outside early in the game. Once I do that about 5 or 6 times, I find that if I go outside half of the time, and inside the other half, it makes it easier, as the LB's tend to guess which I will do, and sometimes they are right and stuff me, but other times they will stack the middle, and I will just bounce it outside for 15 yards. If they lineup outside, then I will slam it up the middle for 8 or 9. My favourite plays to use are: Proform-Quick Toss, singleback-HB Toss, singleback-HB slam, singleback-HB smash, IForm-Toss Right, Nearform-Toss Right, and Proform-HB Smash. I do use other plays but those are my favourite when it comes to running.

Running with the ball:

Here is where I use different technique than most of you. I like to speed burst a lot. I get the ball and I hit the hole that I am supposed to quick(unless it is totally stuffed). On plays up the middle I usually speed burst through their defensive line once, then choose a way to juke, or just keep going if no one is there. On plays to the outside is usually sprint to the corner, then juke right or left. Stopping and starting is also one of my favourites. Before I was doing this I was averaging 3.1 with Leeland McElroy(last time I tried coach's rules). This time since I discovered the stop and start with Leeland McElroy I averaged 5.2 for 1816 yards last season. When a guy is charging at me, I stop and head straight up field, and I make sure that I get every yard I can, instead of looking for the big play. Stopping usually can get the defence to over pursue, so you can head the opposite way when it looks like you will be wrapped up, and gain a few extra yards. This does take practice however, so don't expect immediate results. I don't really use the spin or straight arm buttons, because I tend to use the juke, or stop and start moves instead.

I hope that this will help all of you out. Any comments or questions? Anybody feel free to post it on your site if you want.