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Thinking Man's Guide to Madden
PS2 Tips

By Cheeko

Well I'm bored and figured I would just try and name all the tricks that I use on PS2 version of madden to help me win. Some of these you have probably heard before, some you just might not have, hehe. Alot of them are just common sense things that alot of people just might have not thought of. These tips are meant for when playing against the CPU, and are meant for the PS2 platform even though for the most part they should work on any system. They arn't listed in any particular order, just whatever pops into my head. Anyway here I go.

1)On Kick Returns and Punt Returns, go to the screen where you can substitute individual people for each play. and put your best RBK guys in to help you get even better lanes on returns.

2)When draft time comes, go to all, then SPD and sort by SPD. find the fastest guy with a low OVR and get him in the 5th, 6th, or 7th round to return Kicks.

3)Make sure you kick returner is a WR or HB, because he will usually have a higher CAR rating and wont be as prone to fumbles.

4)On Kickoffs go to the screen where you can make individual substitutions by formation and put your fastest guys on the right. Then always kick the ball to your right.

5)On defense you can hit L1 and or R1 to break up passes.

6)As a D-Lineman, use R2 and Spd Burst to pressure the QB.

7)In the Draft take the 70+Spd QB with Mid 80 THP and THA. This guy kicks maximus buticus. or however the hell that commercial goes, heh.

ALWAYS check your draft prospects ratings in INJ, STAMINA, and TOUGH.

9)On Dime plays, go into the individual Substitutions screen and put your fastest players at DE to cause some extra pressure.

10)Try and either blitz the QB with your LB or if your going up against a Shannon Sharpe or Gonzalez, double cover the TE to limit his damage.

11)When running the ball, DO NOT, I mean NEVER, Spd Burst right when you get the ball. If you do you will consistently get nailed for no gain. What you do is always head slightly upwards, cause momentum is a major factor in this game. As Soon as you see a hole or an anlge you can take, HOLD down the Spd Burst button. dont tap. and most of the time you will run somebody over. Also, you dont have to let go of the Spd Burst button to use your other moves.

12)Try and build you Secondary up 1st on defense. Because as a general rule the CPU can pass alot better than it can run.

13)Use the Pump Fake, you might be surprised at its effectiveness.


14)On Punt Returns take over someone and run them back to your Returner, and then get him in between your returner and the would be tackler. Then hit X and switch to your returner. This will help you get some extra protection.

15)When you are running into the endzone and inside the 20 Yd Line with over a 10 Yd space on the defender, you can use different taunts by pressing Triangle, L1, L2, R1, R2.

16)When controlling the MLB, back up a few steps before the snap so that you do not get caught by the Center and you can have a chance to make a tackle.

17)When drafting LB's, Speed Still Kills. So dont feel pressured to take a LB as your top pick when an 80+ Spd LBer with size is waiting the the 4th round.

18) On Sweeps, put your slot receiver in motion and hike the ball when he is lined up the the OLB or NB.

19)On runs between the tackles put your TE in motion and hike the ball when he is in front of you hole.

20)When looking for the open man, remeber its all about position. Even if the the DB is on him like white on rice, you can get the ball to him just as long as the DB isn't between you and the WR.

21)All about the touch. If you constantly throw bullet passes, you are going to chunk alot of INT's. Bullet passes not only go Faster, they also go lower so a LB or NB can sit in the middle of the field and pick the bullet off easy. On Streaks and Posts if your WR beats the coverage then lob it up, and jump. On hooks, Ins, and Outs watch very closely to see if a LB is zoning the middle of the field, and if he isn't Chunk it all you got at the WR.

22)TE is very over looked. Get a good one late in the 2nd round or early in the 3rd, they are almost always available and a very dangerous weapon both blocing and receiving.

Well thats about all I can think of right now. O and I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this board for help with all these tips. I found most of them here and made alot of them up myself. Just wanted to try and get them all together for newer people to see. all righty then. l8er