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Thinking Man's Guide to Madden
Defensive Game Plan


Last night, I watched in amazement as the Sooners defense baffled the Free Shoes U. offensive attack in the FEDEX(we haven't lost your package, we just left it in your swimming pool) Orange Bowl. I am sure that part of it may have been that FSU hasn't played in almost a month and a half or that the FSU offensive coordinator was using the telestrator to update his resume. How can you have a defensive attack that rivals that of the National Champs you ask? Here is how...

SCOUTING-I am sure that the OU defensive coordinator watched a ton of FSU film. Now, you don't have to bring a camcorder to your next game, but if you are playing with a group of friends, checking out your opposition and finding out what he does is the way to go. In fact, to survive in a high-stakes tourny like the Madden games, it is a must. Try to get a feel of what the players are trying to do offensively and think of ways to stop his attack. Then when you go face to face with your opponent, you will have a slight edge.

TENDANCIES-some people are creatures of habit. They may do certain unconscious things that are clear indications of their intentions. Here are some:

Scrolling left and right before they pass.

Calling hot routes only on passing plays.

Using motion only on passing/running plays.

Passing/Running only to one side of the field.

Throwing/Running out of certain formations.

The key to becoming a successful defensive coach is to know what your opponent does well (his bread and butter) and take that away from him.


Does he go to the same player often? Who is his favorite player? What can you do to negate this player from the game?

Does he have a favorite play that he likes to go to? How can you neutralize it?

Can he handle the blitz or heavy pressure?

Does he have trouble passing with zone or man coverage?

Where are the weak lines in his offensive line? Put your best defensive player over his weakest offensive lineman.

What plays does he use for audibles? What plays can you use to counter them?