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Madden Newsletter
Number One


Hello, everybody! This is Craig Melchor here (TAFKAC), the guys who brings you "Thinking Man's Guide to Madden 99". I have recieved alot of e-mails and I just want to thank everybody for visiting and giving me support. Somebody emailed me with the idea of starting a Madden newsletter. My answer is why not? It is a great way for Madden fans to keep up on the latest information about Madden 99 plus a great way to share ideas. If anyone wants to contribute ideas, articles, interviews etc., please, feel free to contact me.

The Scat Back:

The NFL is full of specailized role players known as scat backs. These players are the quick little speedsters that swing out of the back field on third down or return punts. Todays NFL scat backs include Napolean Kaufman, Byron Hanspard, Tiki Barber, Warrick Dunn and Dave Meggett,just to name a few. A scat back can be an effective weapon in Madden 99. They are ususally matched up with a linebacker who they can easily outrun. Because of their speed (usually over 90) and their recieving abilities they are great third down recievers. Here are a few plays that work best if you have a scat back.

I formation HB screen

Shotgun HB Deep and Middle Drag

One Back Quick Hitter and HB Clear Out

All of these plays are designed to do the same thing: get the halfback the ball in the open field so that they can have room to make a move. One juke and these guys are gone. These plays work best when you need that first down or to get a lot of yardage in one shot.


Back Field in Motion

Motion is probably one of the most unappreciated weapons in Madden 99. Why? Because when the defense adjust to motion, it shifts over to adjust. This adjustment changes the strong side to the weakside and visa-versa. This one little reciever going in motion has now flipped the entire defensive over. Your opponent may have had his best LB ready to blitz but the motion has shifted the entire defense. Now if that LB blitzes, he may be out of position and the LB that is suppose to blitz may not be a very effective blitzer. Motin can pull defenders away from onside of the field making it easier for your to run or pass to that side. See what I mean? Motion can also cause an over/under-shifted defensive line to shift. If your opponent has an itchy trigger finger,this sudden movement may cause him to jump. If your opponent was attempting to attack a weak point in your line, that is taken away because of the line shift. (He may choose to re-shift and that may be a good time to hike the ball and really confuse him!) Anyway, you are taking your opponent out of playing his game and into playing your game. Motion can also help you to read what kind of coverage you have. If the CB follows the WR across the line of scrimage, you know it is man coverage. If he doesn't then you know it is zone coverage. Because of the offensive backfield is switching and moving, mismatches can be created and exploited. Finally, motion can be used as a false cue, a way to fool a defense into thinking that you are doing one thing when instead you are doing another. For instance, suppose you do the play I formation Slot-Out twice during the game. Then lets say you use I formation Motion Dive. Your opponent sees the motion and says to himself "I see you, I see you doing that Slot-Out that burned my twice. I see you. But you know what? I'm ready for ya!" Then you run the Motion Dive. So, gamers, put your backfield in motion!

The "Naked" Rush

No, No, No! Put your clothes back on. I didn't say get naked, I said Naked Rush. On passing downs, take one of your defensive ends and bring him around to the other side. Put him on the end, put him in between the end and the tackle even take one of your tackles. Whatever you want to do, just move one of your linemen. You will get an extra rush without taking off your clothes. The reason why I call it the "Naked" rush is because your a leaving a part of the field "Naked" use this only on long yardage passing downs.

Oh well, that's it for this issue. Let me know what you think. Please,send me a separte email because I don't want everybody gettting spammed.

Later ya'll